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I'm Megan, I'm an Aries, INFP and the only thing I love more than hedgehogs is Bucky Barnes.

But imagine Bucky meeting Johnny Storm and he gets so confused and keeps calling Johnny Steve and "Steve, what the fuck why can you start on fire? Is that part of the serum?"


"Steve, I want you to level with me here. I can take it, so be honest." 

"Yeah, Bucky, anything. What’s on your mind?" 

"Did you let them clone you? I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed. Mostly because your clone is a flaming asshat."

"Ah. You’ve met Johnny, then. I… don’t really have a good explanation for him. We think we’re probably related somewhere back in there, but it’s anyone’s guess, really." 

"You have the same haircut, Steve. Why would you do that." 

"Poor judgement and lack of forethought?" 

"I’ll say." 


"Oh, and Steve?"


"I don’t like that Richards prick, either."

"No one does, Buck." 

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x I think about this a lot x so much even that I sent that prompt x ohohohohoho
Imagine while Bucky's recovering he only feels comfortable with Steve calling him Bucky, and even then it's only sometimes. So everyone calls him James and one day, after almost a year if recovery, everyone's at Stark towers for movie night and Tony says, "James, do you what popcorn?" and Bucky looks at him and says (to everyone else as well) "You know, my friends call me Bucky." And everyone just starts grinning like an idiot because this is good, really good.

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x desperately awaits to hear from imaginebucky to know whether or not I was picked x im more worried about this than I was getting a job




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x cute
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Chris Evans must really love the national anthem cause he gets to purposely touch his left boob for a full two minutes at least

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showing your friend something you know they would flip out over and they say “I’ve already seen it”


i was supposed to be the hero

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x that makes me feel shitty so I always try to get excited anyway
7/26/14: Chris Evans has feelings on his celebrity caricature [X]
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x Chris sailor mouth Evans x almost out in Chris sailor moon Evans x could you imagine omg x Steve Rogers being so entirely taken by the art of sailor moon x but not understanding why she's so dumb
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I just wanna go there and hug him cuz he looks sad :’(

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x I had a dream last night x that Ashton and I fucked on the bathroom floor x idk why but it was so hot x first we were just grinding because no condom x then he slipped inside x and then calum happened by and threw a condom for us x it was amazing x Ashton Irwin x 5sos
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x if you listen closely x you can hear the sound of my soft moans in the distance